how to change barcode image type png to jpg

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how to change barcode image type png to jpg

Postby jushadi » 13 Sep 2014, 16:10

S : Hello Hadi and welcome to the forum
H : Hello, I wonder how to change barcode image type from png to jpg/jpeg, gif
in zend barcode ... ation.html
'rendererParams' => array('imageType' => 'gif'),
imageType String "png" Specify the image format. Can be "png", "jpeg", "jpg" or "gif".

in ./lib/Zend/Renderer/Image.php
line 40
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protected $_allowedImageType = array(

and line 50
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protected $_imageType = 'png';

line 167
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     * Set the image type to produce (png, jpeg, gif)
     * @param string $value
     * @return Zend_Barcode_RendererAbstract
     * @throw Zend_Barcode_Renderer_Exception
    public function setImageType($value)
        if ($value == 'jpg') {
            $value = 'jpeg';

I've tried to change png to jpg but the exported image still in png, I was exited because it looks as easy as change png to jpg, but nooooo
anyone can help me please
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